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Jacek Tylkowski

Bindery Tylkowski is a family business that has been operating since 1980. Founded by Stanisław Tylkowski, and after his death (1991) until today, run by his son – Jacek Tylkowski (1968). Currently based in Komorniki near Poznań, Poland.

Jacek has over 20 year experience in bookbinding and has trained in the studio of Jan Sobota, Czech master, founder and first chairman of Společenstvo českých knihařů (Czech Association of Bookbinders). In 2006–2008, with a group of Czech bookbinders, he learned the style and techniques used by the Belgian bookbinder Edgard Claes. Fascinated by modern bookbinding techniques, Jacek devotes most of his professional time to crafting beautiful editions.

In his spare time he keeps up-to-date with current trends and new solutions in modern bookbinding. He likes simple, minimalist designs and believes that less is more. Jacek combines traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary approach to design.