About The Press

I LOVE BOOKS, and if you’re reading this, chances are you do too. In particular, I love fine press books. Books that are crafted by artisans such as letterpress printers, hand bookbinders, paper makers and typographers, using some of the finest bookmaking materials.

I have been involved with books in one way or another for the past thirty years. As a reader, collector, bookstore owner, and now as a publisher.  I am delighted to publish beautiful, handcrafted limited edition books and fine art prints for discerning collectors.

We are so fortunate that in the bookmaking community, there is a wealth of talented artisans. Through the press, I am able to support these gifted craftspeople, and in that way, share their work with other book lovers.

In her novel The Goldfinch, Donna Tartt writes about how we set ourselves on a course that will lead us dutifully towards the norm, and about the possibility of taking a different course; one that may lead to something she calls the “beautiful flare of ruin.” She asks if it isn’t better to throw yourself into “the holy rage calling your name.”

To me, this means that we should follow our heart, go after our dreams and do what we love. By making beautiful books in the tradition of the fine press, that is what I feel I am doing.

Paul Suntup
July, 2016



There is a clear distinction between a book that is mass produced, and one that is a finely crafted book. Most of our limited edition releases are hand bound and we go to great expense to utilize only the finest papers and materials for all of our editions. Where indicated, our editions are printed letterpress which is the printing method perfected by Gutenberg, who used it to produce the first book printed from moveable type in the West, the now-famous Gutenberg Bible.

The mission of our press is to publish finely crafted limited editions by collaborating with some of today’s leading writers, artists, designers, printers and bookmakers to create an edition that is itself, an art object. By incorporating elements of the story into the design of the book and enclosures, our editions offer a unique reading experience.


The Fine Press movement began in the late 19th century, when William Morris decided to produce books as they did before the advent of the printing press for mass publication. The movement represented a rejection of the cheap mechanized book-production methods which developed in the Victorian era.

Fine press books were made using high-quality materials, in very small numbers, and were often bound by hand. A great deal of attention was given to page and type design, illustration and binding, in order to produce a unified and cohesive whole where all of the elements work together. Our editions are made in the spirit of the Fine Press movement.

Ouroboros illustration © 2017 Rachel Readman