The Haunting of Hill House Endpapers

I just received this photo from the marbler who is working on the Lettered edition of The Haunting of Hill House. These are the endpapers that will grace the front and back boards of this edition.  The design is an homage to the classic 1st edition dust jacket art by the famous book cover designer Read More

Misery Production Update

As you know, we are close to the official publication of the signed limited edition of Misery by Stephen King, and we wanted to provide you with a production update. We are very pleased so say that everything is currently on track for the editions to be published in early August! That said, we have Read More

The Covers Collection – Nightmares and Dreamscapes

In January 2018, we released the first print from artist Rob Wood, the cover of Stephen King’s Needful Things. Now, we are pleased to offer another print from Rob, who created a total of five covers for Stephen King books. This time, we present the cover art from the first edition of King’s 1993 collection Read More

The Road to Misery – Part 8: Incubation

I I should backtrack for a moment. There is an important chapter in this story that I have not yet written about. In Part 6, I wrote about the Dark Night. And I don’t mean Batman. As you may recall from that section, one of the things that helped me get through those times was Read More

Hard Case Crime Prints

As a fan of art (and certainly also a good book), I have always been attracted to the illustrations gracing the covers of books published by Hard Case Crime. Earlier this year, we released a Glen Orbik 3-print Pack, featuring the beautiful artwork from the covers of Stephen King’s novels they have published. It is Read More

Keys to the Kingdom – An Introduction

“The gate is the key to the kingdom.” – Stephen King, Joyland Way up in the north-eastern most part of America, there exists an unmistakable old Victorian home. You might have seen it if you ever visited the small town of Bangor, Maine, where it stands out in its uniqueness even against the backdrop of many Read More

Upgrading Misery – The Numbered Edition

Since announcing the signed limited edition of Misery by Stephen King, there have been so many kind words posted in forums and on social media. We have also received many personal emails telling us how you can’t wait for this book, and it is all very much appreciated. When we received the prototype of the Read More

The Road To Misery – Part 7: Burning the Ships

I Years ago, someone told me about the concept of burning your ships. I did some research into the concept while writing this installment of The Road to Misery, and what I learned is that it traces back to 1519 and one of history’s most inspiring leadership stories. Hernán Cortés led a large expedition to Read More

A Closer Look: IT (UK) Remarques

Here’s a closer look at artist Gerry Grace’s many remarques for our limited edition fine art prints of IT (UK), our latest addition to THE COVERS COLLECTION. These drawings were created in a ‘flip-book’ style, and if you were to flip through the prints, each drawing becomes a frame in an animated sequence of the Read More

The Covers Collection – It (UK)

We are so excited to announce our first release in “The British Invasion” series of The Covers Collection. Kicking off this series of U.K. covers is IT by Gerry Grace. This iconic and memorable artwork graced the cover of the 1st U.K. edition of IT by Stephen King. Gerry’s depiction of the house on Neibolt Read More

Misery Limited Edition Ready for Binding

Ever wonder what a book looks like before being bound? What you are looking at below is 550 pounds of the printed pages for the Misery Numbered edition. They are off to the final stage of production, where these pages will be folded, gathered, sewn and bound, etc. Basically to be made into a book Read More

The Road to Misery – Part 6: Dark Night of the Soul

“Everything is supposed to be very quiet after a massacre, and it always is, except for the birds.” Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five I’m keen to bring this story to a close. At least, to close this chapter of it. The Road to Misery becomes a metaphor for the roads we all travel in life. Expanded outward, it becomes about Read More

The Covers Collection: The British Invasion

The British are coming! The British are coming! And we couldn’t be happier. Suntup Editions is proud to announce these all new additions to THE COVERS COLLECTION. A series of stunning covers from first edition UK novels by Stephen King featuring artwork by Gerry Grace, Paul Bryn Davies, Steve Crisp and Chris Moore. Pictured here Read More

Hill House Escutcheons

es·cutch·eon noun a shield or emblem bearing a coat of arms. a flat piece of metal for protection and often ornamentation, around a keyhole, door handle, or light switch. I arrived home the other day to find these ghastly faces awaiting me at my doorstep! Indeed, the very entrance to Hill House itself has arrived Read More

Letterpress Printing Misery

I thought you might like to see this video of Misery in the making! A few weeks back I visited our letterpress printer in Texas, where the Limited Edition of Stephen King’s Misery is currently being printed on a Heidelberg Cylinder Press. Originated in 1850 (taking the name Heidelberg in 1905), these presses were built Read More

The Road To Misery – Part 5: Derailed

Derailment is defined as the action of a train or trolley car leaving its tracks accidentally; or the obstruction of a process by diverting it from its intended course. I don’t know that we are given any meaningful answers, until sometime after a derailment. And when those answers come, they originate from the most unexpected Read More

The Covers Collection – Cujo

In November 2017, we released the cover art print for Firestarter. Now we are pleased to release another glorious piece of art from Steven Stroud: Cujo, cover art from the 1981 first edition novel by Stephen King. King once described Cujo as being “like a brick heaved through a window,” and one could easily say the Read More

The Road To Misery – Part 4: Knowing When to Move On

“How much courage does it take to fire up your tractor and plow under a crop you spent six or seven years growing?’ he asked himself. ‘How much courage to go on and do that after you’ve spent all that time finding out how to prepare the soil and when to plant and how much Read More

Frontispiece Engraving by Barry Moser

We received some samples of the frontispiece print for the limited edition of Misery. For those who may not already be aware, a book frontispiece is very simply an illustration facing the title page of a book. The “Annie’s Axe” engraving was created by renowned designer and printmaker, Barry Moser. Modern wood engraving techniques were developed around the Read More

The Haunting of Hill House

Shirley Jackson The Haunting of Hill House With an Introduction by Ruth Franklin We are delighted to announce the upcoming publication of a fine press limited edition of The Haunting of Hill House. “No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality; even larks and katydids are supposed, by Read More