Announcing: Red Dragon by Thomas Harris

Red Dragon by Thomas Harris Hailed by critics as “gruesome, graphic, and all too realistic,” Red Dragon by Thomas Harris was first published in 1981 and marked a turning point in the way crime novels were written. The first novel in Harris’s widely acclaimed Hannibal series, Red Dragon added a sense of realism to the Read more

The Covers Collection – The Bachman Books

We are delighted to reveal another iconic print in The Covers Collection from the late Don Brautigam. This month, we bring you the cover art from the paperback edition of The Bachman Books. Published in November 1986, the paperback release of The Bachman Books included four novellas by Stephen King previously published under his pseudonym Read more

A Holiday Gift from Suntup Editions

Now that 2019 is coming to a close, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported Suntup Editions. Some of you have been here since the inception of the press, and some even before that; and if you have just recently discovered us, welcome aboard! Suntup Editions was nothing more than Read more

Publishing Schedule Update | January – March 2020

Happy holidays! I have a couple of surprises I’ll be sharing with you tomorrow. I hope you’ll join me on Facebook Live tomorrow morning, Thursday, December 12th, at 9 am PT. If you don’t have Facebook, be sure to check your email for the updates tomorrow afternoon. For those who like to plan ahead, I Read more

Production Update: I Am Legend

Production of the Numbered and Lettered editions of I Am Legend by Richard Matheson are well under way. Last week we had a great time fine-tuning the gold stamping on the parchment for the Numbered edition. The results are just what we were looking for; the shade of gold is perfect and the parchment stamps Read more

Letterpress Printing The Time Machine

Like so many things, printing is easy, but printing well is hard. The concept is simple enough. If a rubber roller coated with thick and tacky ink is rolled over a raised surface, the ink will transfer only to those high areas. Then, if paper is pressed into contact with the inked surface, the ink Read more

Announcing: The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

The Time Machine by H.G. Wells With a New Introduction by Simon Wells Illustrations by Florian Bertmer Considered the greatest science-fiction novel of all time, The Time Machine is a seminal moment in the history of English literature. A dazzling display of new thought that has been endlessly copied since its release in 1895, its Read more