The Haunting of Hill House – Lettered Edition Winner

When we first announced we would be publishing a limited edition of The Haunting of Hill House, we also stated we would be giving away a free Lettered edition to one lucky person. All orders received for the Numbered Edition of The Haunting of Hill House were automatically entered into a drawing, and one order was chosen at random and shipped along with a solid brass key. If you got the key, you won the PC copy of the Lettered edition at no additional charge.

Well, we are happy to reveal that the winner of this contest was Jeff Taylor, who has sent along some photos of himself and his prize for us to share with you. Congratulations, Jeff!


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    Marc Goldfinger January 4, 2019, 12:05 pm

    Congratulations Jeff Taylor. I’m a bit envious, to be truthful, but I am happy for you. It’s a beautiful beautiful book.


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