The Covers Collection: The End of An Era

Well Friends, the time has come. The next print in The Covers Collection which we will announce on May 15th, will be the final print in the series! After four years, the series will come to an end. We wanted to go out with a bang, so the last print is from a very famous artist who we all know so well, and who created a truly iconic painting for the cover of this particular title.

This truly feels like the end of an era. The Covers Collection was first announced on May 30, 2017. This print series grew out of the rebinding projects I was working on at the time. Included with each of the rebound books was a small art print of the cover, signed by the artist. That started me thinking that it would be great to offer a larger signed print, and to expand it into other covers. Initially it was to be 15 covers, and back then, I had no idea that the series would last for four years, and include a total of 58 different cover illustrations.

It has been a wonderful journey, and we have put out a new print every month without fail. The more covers you requested, the more we sought out to find your favorites, hunting down the original artists and getting as many of them as we could. In the end, this epic collection includes some of the most iconic artwork to grace the covers of Stephen King’s novels. We have featured the work of 24 artists, and printed around 6,000 individual prints. It has been our joy to see these prints framed and hanging in so many homes around the world. Thank you for sharing our love of this artwork and for your continued support of the press through the years. And thank you to the loyal subscribers to this series, many of you have been a subscriber from the first print.

To celebrate this series of art prints, we are offering 20% off all prints in The Covers Collection from now through Friday, May 14, 2021. Just use coupon code TCC20 at checkout for any of the the individual prints available, which you can browse here.

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