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Satisfying Increased Demand

July 1, 2020

You may have noticed that lately our editions have been selling out very quickly. That’s both a good thing, and a not-so-good thing. It’s a good thing because it means that we have a loyal and devoted customer base made up of fans and collectors who share our passion for these books. The downside is that it can prove difficult for some of you to obtain one of our editions, which can lead to disappointment and frustration.

That’s the last thing I want any of our customers to experience; however, that is the nature of limited editions. The demand is usually greater than the supply. The obvious solution would be to increase our print runs while maintaining their limited nature. This is something we have thought about carefully and discussed at length. Therefore, in order to better satisfy our growing customer base, but still maintain what I consider to be a very limited run, we will be increasing our Numbered edition print run to 350 copies for select titles over the next year and a half.

Most of the books we have scheduled for announcement in 2020 and 2021 are already in production. Print runs for these titles were determined long ago, and in many cases signature sheets have already been signed. Therefore, we cannot increase print runs for all of our books immediately; so it will be a gradual process. We have, however, gone back over books currently under contract at the lower print run, and where possible, we have increased the run on those.

In order to set expectations, one of these titles at the increased print run will be announced in 2020, and six more will be announced in 2021.

This change will enable more of these books to arrive in the hands of those who cherish them, while still keeping the limitation low and thereby maintaining the collectibility and production standards of these limited editions.

In addition, we have implemented an enhanced order limit policy on the lower print run editions, which is further designed to spread the love and allow more people to enjoy our books.

So if you have been missing out, hang in there. When I started Suntup Editions, my primary focus was on you. The fan, the collector, the fine book lover. And I will always do what I can to make sure that we serve you in the best possible way.

We have some really exciting titles lined up for the next 18 months, and I can’t wait to share these editions with you. Thank you for your support of the press, and for sharing our love for these books.

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    Lyle Gayne

    I think you are wise to stage this in slowly, as at some point this could cause current rights holders to start skipping books and counting on the open sales windows; that will allow you to see how this alters the ongoing order rate vs. the open window risk. I know that for many books Arian Press (which imprints 250-400 copies of any book) sees them sit around for years (some for 20 years or more) before sellout, though their subscription model requires committing to all books from a given year and their prices ranch-get higher for many book than your numbered productions. But. In any case, price, availability and inventory are a delicate balancing act, and the audience interest/demand will vary from title to title. It’s nice to make the books available to as many as are interested, but if it starts to become clear that they aren’t going to become hard to get in many instances, it will almost certainly increase your inventory time.

  2. Suntup Editions logomark

    Steven Badeau

    Hi Paul,
    Well, I guess if there wasn’t such a thing as input, there wouldn’t be opinions…right?
    Although I’m not currently a ” rights holder ” with Suntup Press and may not merit a respectable opinion, it seems to me that as long as I am enjoying your company, trusting in your ability to maintain the highest quality crafting in your books, prints and products, that producing more books for your fan base such as myself should be a priority. Unless I am purchasing a VERY limited book with the idea in mind that I can purchase several myself and sell them for a thousand percent profit on the open sales market ( which is something I see over and over again in limited pressings from a number of small press owners ) and since I know that people like to hear examples I’ll throw in another great ” Paul ” with SST.
    My point is that I would personally love the opportunity to enjoy some of the limited wonders your press has to offer, and although attempts have been made to purchase them in the past, they have failed based on the current system you have set up for releasing them to a limited rights holder’s group.
    Trust me, if I could afford to spend all of my time and money in one special small press owner, it would be your’s hands down!.

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