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Printing The Road Broadside

February 11, 2020

In December 2019 we announced that we would be creating a broadside featuring the beautiful closing paragraph of The Road by Cormac McCarthy, as a gift to customers; our way of saying thank you for supporting the press.

The text is handset in Jensen metal foundry type and printed on Gutenberg Laid moldmade paper on a hand-fed press. Only 750 copies exist.

We thought you might like to see the process of how these beautiful prints were crafted. Here is a short video of the type being set and inked before the prints are hand-fed one at a time into the press.

We like to look at this broadside as being created letter by letter, line by line, and print by print, for you.

  1. Suntup Editions logomark

    Paul Michael Kane

    I could watch this all day long . . . stunning piece . . . and amazing generosity. Thank you!!

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  2. Suntup Editions logomark

    Phillip Rash-Flynn

    I love it! Thank you for sharing that video and thank you for the broadside.

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  3. Suntup Editions logomark

    Simon Mason

    Awesome! How the hell does that man still have all his fingers?

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  4. Suntup Editions logomark

    michael doukas

    Incredible. Watching each line of text go in was cool. And WATCH THOSE FINGERS. That machine was moving pretty fast.

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  5. Suntup Editions logomark

    Cristian Coppola

    OMG!. Beautiful job !. Thanks for sharing !!

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  6. Suntup Editions logomark

    Brian Hester

    I love watching talented craftsmen work. Also, I am impressed with that press!

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  7. Suntup Editions logomark


    Thank you for the video and for the broadside, I have enjoyed a lot watching it and I will enjoy forever the broadside. Soon it will be framed and hanged on a wall. Stunning.

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  8. Suntup Editions logomark

    Anthony Simone

    Beautiful craftsmanship thank you for the wonderful gift ,I will be getting mine framed

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  9. Suntup Editions logomark

    Andrea Lewis

    Thank you!! Mine showed up in the mail today & I wasn’t expecting it! What a lovely surprise.

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  10. Suntup Editions logomark

    Earl Robinson

    I’m amazed at the stunning beauty of the piece, I’m not sure I’m getting one but I have ordered a few of your beautiful books and it would be an honor to get one.

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  11. Suntup Editions logomark

    David Mulligan

    So nice to see the process and watch the press in action. Thanks again, Paul!

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  12. Suntup Editions logomark

    Tore Rye Andersen

    What a beautiful process, and what a gorgeous result. The illustration above the text is also very fitting. Was it made specifically for this piece, or does it hail from somewhere else?

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  13. Suntup Editions logomark

    Brian Kisielewski

    This really is beautiful piece of art. I feel very lucky to have gotten this. Can’t wait to hang it up in my library (spare bedroom)!

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  14. Suntup Editions logomark

    Jay Ehrlich

    Wow! Incredible workmanship that I only suspected prior to seeing it actually done. THANK YOU for keeping the trade alive!

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  15. Suntup Editions logomark

    Paul Wright

    Fantastic !! And Thank you for the Gift once again Suntup stands out above all others.

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  16. Suntup Editions logomark

    Renee De Visser

    Amazing! Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to see it!

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  17. Suntup Editions logomark

    James Anthony sr

    Thanks for the gift and for the video. Very impressed with craftmanship

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  18. Suntup Editions logomark

    Ernest Mealey

    I am so grateful and proud to have received one of these absolutely gorgeous broadsides. Not only have you given us books of beauty, but now actual works of art to treasure as well. An absolutely amazing process to see and I am so glad there are still Master artisans that keep the process alive.

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    Thanks for sharing a look into this extraordinary gift!

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  20. Suntup Editions logomark

    Mark Kenific

    Absolutely beautiful! What a generous thing to do! This is impressive to see.

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