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Printing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

March 7, 2022

Our edition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory recently completed printing, and we put together this behind-the-scenes video of the letterpress printing. Enjoy!

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    Peter Block

    That was awesome. Thanks for sharing the video. It just whetted my appetite even more for this book.

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    Gene Koonce

    That is a very impressive piece of machinery.
    It’s also very interesting to see one of the steps in what goes into making such fine books.

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    Tom Stone

    I had no idea the work that goes into printing letterpress. This is a great video of what I am sure is only part of the process.

    Thanks for sharing.

    I can not wait to see the finished product in person.

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      Mark Masztal

      Also keep in mind letterpress’ are generally one color presses so for multi-color printing, the paper has to go back through as many times as you have colors. Registration is key and having a professionally trained operator is very important.

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    vandagriff judy

    Loved this video! Thank you for sharing!

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    There’s something immensely satisfying about watching videos like this. To see the time and attention and craftsmanship that has nearly been lost with automation and economies of scale.

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    This makes me so happy!

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    Ralph Mulleins

    The CATCF printing video is like watching chocolate being made.

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    rod zerr

    A real treat! I am so appreciative of the letterpress books you make. The more people that see this video the more they will begin to understand and appreciate that no other printing process can compare. They may also begin to understand what defines fine press. Case in point, Blood Meridian both numbered and lettered are like works of art, true Fine Press. Many thanks. Rod.

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    Bianca Bonilla

    Extremely satisfying video! You can feel the passion it takes to make these books! It makes you as anxious to get your hands on the end product as if it was candy-making and your waiting for your candy piece.

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    wayne thornton

    That was like watching a mechanical ballet.The number of moving parts is astounding.It makes you wonder about the mind of the man that invented such an intricate and delicate machine and how few there are left in the world still fuctioning.Many thanks, wayne

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    Jeff Welsh

    Very cool video! Although that machine is somewhat frightening to me – looks like something out of a certain SK short story! You’d definitely want to know what you were doing around it.

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    Brian Hester

    Don’t try this at home! :-]

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    Brian Hester

    I’m glad he was paying attention! :-]

    Beautifully done!

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    Joseph P Manning

    Letterpress is a true book making art form!

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    Klaus Spangenmacher

    I love to look at this great video
    and btw Heidelberg is only 20 kilometers away from me 🙂

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    Nathan Kyle

    Pretty Incredible. I used to work in the printing business on a German Miehle and 5 Color Cover Press.

    Can’t wait to see the final product.

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    Andy Chatfield

    Just professional skills at their best, human and machine, could almost smell the paper, inks and mechanics going into the production.

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    Karl Stansell

    Absolutely love watching a true artist at work!
    Thank you for sharing, anxious to see the final results.

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