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American Gods Production Update

December 5, 2023

Just over a year ago, we announced that we will be publishing an edition of American Gods by Neil Gaiman. This was a pre-announcement during the early stages of the project at which time we also opened up a wait list for the Classic edition. The response was overwhelming and it created alot of positive energy around this title. Since then, we have been hard at work moving this edition forward and we wanted to provide you with a production update!

An Epic Publication

This is one of our most ambitious and complex publications to date. All four states are printing letterpress, and at over 840 pages it is the largest letterpress printed book we have worked on. Each aspect of production has taken a great deal of time to plan and finesse.

Two Volumes

The heavier weight paper used on the Numbered, Lettered and Roman Numeral editions resulted in a massive bulk as a single volume, therefore on these three states we made the decision to go with two volumes for a more pleasurable reading experience.


We spent several months working on paper selections. We ran tests and made dummy books, and finally settled on the papers. Each of the four states will be printed on different paper, including top-quality machine-made, mouldmade and handmade papers. After several months of waiting for delivery, all papers are on hand.


Printing is well underway for all states. This edition is being expertly printed by Pat Randle and his team at Nomad Letterpress in the United Kingdom. It has taken some time to get to this milestone, but we are now fully into the printing stage.


Much like the scope of the American Gods project, creating the illustrations has been an epic undertaking. The level of detail Yoann Lossel has applied to this project has been inspiring. From making custom clothing for his live models, to the detailed work of the paintings, the artwork for this edition is breathtaking. The illustrations are now complete, and are printed. The artist has overseen the entire process from selecting his preferred printer, to choosing the paper, to managing the process throughout in order to achieve a result that he is happy with.

Bookbinding & Binding Designs

Binding designs have now been finalized and bookbinders have been selected for all four states. Each will be crafted by a different bookbinder, with the Numbered being bound in-house at the Suntup Bindery.

Classic Edition Wait List

During our pre-announcement of this title in 2022, we posted a wait list form since the Classic edition will be made available to those on the list before opening up for pre-order to the general public. We received far more interest than the print run for this edition, but we are optimistic that there will still be a handful of copies left over for anyone who is not on the list.

Estimated Announcement

We have come a long way in the past year and have reached several milestones, but there is still a way to go. We want this title to be further along before we open it up for pre-order. Barring any major delays or setbacks, we anticipate opening the pre-order during the 2nd half of 2024. Thank you everyone for your patience. We feel it will be worth the wait!

  1. Suntup Editions logomark

    Tina Rankin

    I would love to be added to the waitlist for the artist edition. Thanks!

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  2. Suntup Editions logomark

    Sharon Wingert

    I would love if you could put my name on the waitlist for the classic version
    Here’s hoping
    Love your books

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  3. Suntup Editions logomark


    This sounds absolutely fantastic! I’m really looking forward to your edition of American Gods, all the more so after reading this.
    If it’s okay to ask two questions here:
    What I’ve been asking myself since you announced Yoann Lossel as the illustrator (great choice!): He likes to work with precious metals. Will those parts be presented as such in the printed illustrations? I’ve had books where gold and silver were replaced by colours like brown and grey, and of course metallic ink looks much better, so I’m hoping for that.
    I’d also like to ask: There was also a wait list for the numbered edition. I know that current rights holders will come first, but if there are copies left, do those go to people on that wait list or will they be sold openly right away?

    Again, I’m really enthusiastic about this edition. It looks like it will be a real gem.

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    • Suntup Editions logomark

      Suntup Editions

      Hi Stephanie. Yes, the art does incorporate gold and those elements were separated out and foil stamped, so they were not replaced by a color that resembles gold. With regard to your question on a Numbered wait list, there never was one. The only wait list was for the Classic edition. The Numbered state will be sold in the same way as all of our Numbered books, going to rights holders of the previous title first.

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  4. Suntup Editions logomark

    Stuart Ng

    This is wonderful news!

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  5. Suntup Editions logomark

    John Spinetti

    Can’t wait, sounds like an extraordinary book!

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  6. Suntup Editions logomark

    gary meddles

    I have the Easton press edition anxious to see this one

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  7. Suntup Editions logomark

    Mark Van Oss

    I’m wondering if people on the numbered train will also be allowed to order the Classic edition? Any word on that yet?

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  8. Suntup Editions logomark

    Chris Stearlty

    Thank you for this update. I really enjoy reading about the details of fine press production and it sounds like there are so many wonderful irons in the fire. Keep up the great work, y’all!

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  9. Suntup Editions logomark

    Tracey Tell

    Epic and awesome for sure.!! I. Cannot. Wait. Thanks for the update.

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  10. Suntup Editions logomark

    Marc Goldfinger

    Hi Paul, I couldn’t comment earlier because my wife is in the hospital recovering from hip surgery. The 4th one, if you can believe that. I definitely want a copy of American Gods! As I’ve mentioned before, that is my favorite book by Neil Gaiman. It’s just wonderful.

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  11. Suntup Editions logomark


    This seems like an epic undertaking. I am very excited to get the numbered. I can’t imagine what the lettered and RN will be like. You just keep on making fantastic books Paul.

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