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Michael Whelan

Michael Whelan is one of the world’s premier painters of imaginative realism. For 40 years he has created book and album covers for authors and musicians like Isaac Asimov, Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Brandon Sanderson, and MeatLoaf. His clients have included every major U.S. book publisher, the National Geographic Society, CBS Records, and the Franklin Mint.

A graduate of San Jose State University with a BA in Painting and a President’s Scholar, he soon became known for his dedication to bringing an author’s words to life. Whelan covers dominated the science fiction and fantasy field throughout the 1980’s and 90’s and he was largely responsible for the realistic style of genre covers of that era. He continues to do cover art for bestselling authors, but since 1995 he has also pursued a fine art career. His non-commissioned works are in established collections throughout the world.