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Michael Peter Blatty

Michael Peter Blatty is the eldest son of William Peter Blatty. Born in the Washington D.C. area in 1952 and baptized at Holy Trinity Church in Georgetown where key scenes in both The Exorcist and Legion are set. Like his father, he received his degree in English Literature from Georgetown University. An enthusiast of his father’s work from an early age, he was with him in his study throughout much of the composition of The Exorcist and was the first to read the completed novel. In 1972, while a student at Georgetown University, Michael accompanied his father during filming of the novel in New York and Washington D.C. He can be briefly seen in the role of a student protester early in the film. The father of four boys, Michael lives with his wife and youngest son in the Pacific Northwest where he has recently completed what he believes will be the definitive work on the genesis and meaning of his father’s most celebrated novel.