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The Wolfen Whitley Strieber

With a new introduction by the author
& illustrations by François Vaillancourt

Fast-paced, compelling, and gruesomely violent, The Wolfen is the first novel by bestselling horror novelist, Whitley Strieber.

Following the savage killing of two New York City policemen, George Wilson and Becky Neff are two detectives bound together by their strange and passionate hunt for the Wolfen. Strieber’s novel breathed new life into the werewolf genre, building upon the traditional myth and lore of the lycanthrope to create a genetically superior crossbreed of human and wolf that has existed in the shadows for centuries.

Upon its release in 1978, the Washington Post called The Wolfen “a howling success.” Likewise, St. James Guide to Horror, Ghost and Gothic Writers deemed it, “an amazingly effective debut novel that turns the werewolf story completely on its head. Breathtakingly suspenseful throughout.”

In 1981, The Wolfen was adapted into a horror movie starring Albert Finney, directed by Michael Wadleigh.

About the Editions

The signed limited edition of The Wolfen by Whitley Strieber is presented in three states: Lettered, Numbered and Artist. The editions measure 6” x 9” and feature thirteen full color illustrations by François Vaillancourt, as well as a new exclusive introduction by Whitley Strieber. The text pages are set in Meno and Dala Floda. Lettered and Numbered editions are signed by the author and artist, and the Artist edition is signed by the artist. This is the first signed limited edition of the novel.

The Artist edition is limited to 1000 copies with a dust jacket illustrated by François Vaillancourt. It is a full cloth, smyth sewn binding with two-hits foil stamping and features illustrated endpapers. It is the only edition of the three with the dust jacket, and is signed by artist François Vaillancourt. The text pages are set in Meno and Dala Floda and are printed offset on Cougar Natural. The edition is housed in an embossed paper covered slipcase.

The Numbered edition of 350 copies is a quarter binding with Japanese cloth on the spine and boards. The cover and spine are foil stamped and the edition is printed offset on Mohawk Superfine. It is housed in a slipcase covered in a unique coated paper that imitates real stone. The edition is signed by Whitley Strieber and François Vaillancourt.

The Lettered edition is limited to 26 copies and is a full leather double-boards Bradel binding in brown goatskin with sewn on meeting guards. Board cutouts open over a red acrylic painted base, with incision edges. The endpapers are hand marbled on Fabriano Ingres, and endbands are decorated brown leather. The edition is printed offset on Mohawk Superfine, and is housed in a custom handmade walnut wood box with laser engraving on the lid and a velvet lined interior.

The Wolfen Art Portfolio

Back by popular demand is our art portfolio! This time, we present art from The Wolfen illustrated by François Vaillancourt. The portfolio is sized at 9” x 13.5” and includes fifteen prints. In addition to the interior illustrations, also included are the Artist edition endsheet and dust jacket illustrations. Includes a letterpress printed signature page and limited to 300 copies. Signed by François Vaillancourt.

About the Author

Whitley Strieber

Whitley Strieber is the author of The WolfenThe Hunger, and Communion, among others. His book The Secret School was listed by Texas Monthly as one of the “10 Books Every Texan Should Read,” and Majestic has been listed by The New York Times as the best horror novel about New Mexico. He resides in New York and Texas.

About the Artist

François Vaillancourt

François Vaillancourt is a Montreal artist specializing in horror and the macabre. Having a classical painter’s training, he has transposed his experience to the digital world which allows him to rework an image until the desired result.

Matching Numbers & Letters

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Order Limits

Please be aware of the order limits for our editions. You can read more about this in the Order Limits article on our support site.

Illustrations by François Vaillancourt

Published editions may differ slightly from mockups and prototype designs.
Illustrations © by François Vaillancourt
Photography by Yegor Malinovskii

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