Matching Misery

This form must only be submitted if you own a copy of either the Lettered or Numbered edition of The Eyes of the Dragon Art Portfolio. We can only match Numbered portfolios up to 185, as there are only 185 Numbered editions of Misery for sale. There are no “PC” copies available.
Remember: You have to be an owner of either the Lettered or Numbered portfolio, in order to be eligible to match your number with Misery. Numbered portfolio owners as of 9PM Pacific on Friday, February 9th may have an opportunity to match numbers. 
PLEASE ALSO NOTE: We cannot provide you with any specific number that you will receive below 185. The inventory in the web store is set to the exact number of available copies that are below 185 (for the Numbered portfolio), so when it says sold out, then there are no more. When you receive the private pre-order link, you will be provided with your #, and it will be matched with your Numbered Misery.
AND YET ANOTHER NOTE: If you did not purchase a Numbered or Lettered Portfolio directly from Suntup Editions, and you bought a copy from the secondary market, you will need to email proof of ownership using the contact form on this website. Proof can be an email from the previous owner confirming the sale, an eBay order confirmation, or a copy of the limitation sheet with your drivers license picture. Thank you for your co-operation!