Rick Berry

Rick Berry’s expressionistic figurative paintings are in private collections worldwide, including those of authors Neil Gaiman, Stephen King and George R.R. Martin. His art is exhibited in venues such as Italy’s Lucca Museum of Contemporary Art and galleries in NYC, Boston, and San Francisco.

Up from the streets, having left school at 17, Berry’s work blends contemporary graphic sensibilities, futuristic vision and and a mastery of anatomy.

Practitioner-in-Residence for Tufts Institute of Global Leadership, 2005, Berry has also created multiple solo exhibitions for TIGL international symposia on various urgent socio/political topics. He’s designed collaborative oil painting events before audiences in Italy and New York. A popular speaker at colleges, he provides practical advice on how one can use art to see beyond conscious mind to release the cognitive powerhouse for making discoveries and resolving conflict.

In addition to galleries, Berry’s art appears on countless books and comics, and is featured in major historical anthologies of contemporary illustration. Berry is credited with creating the world’s first digitally painted book cover in 1984 for William Gibson’s Neuromancer. Joining up with Gibson again, he acted as Keanu Reeve’s cyber-stunt double for the award-winning CGI climax, designed by Anderson, Berry & Bodio, in Columbia TriStar’s Johnny Mnemonic.

As a Stephen King artist alumni, Rick Berry illustrated the 2002 Donald M. Grant editions of The Talisman and Black House by Stephen King and Peter Straub, as well as the 2018 Suntup Editions signed limited edition of Misery.

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