Glen Orbik

Glen Orbik (1963 – 2015) was an American illustrator known for his fully painted paperback and comic covers, often executed in a noir style. In the 1970s, Orbik and his mother moved to Douglas County, Nevada where he graduated high school in 1981. Following graduation, Orbik studied art at the California Art Institute then located in Encino, California. He studied under the school’s founder, retired movie and advertisement illustrator Fred Fixler. Orbik once said that Fixler’s quote, “If you’re having fun, you’re doing it wrong,” was the only piece of advice that Orbik did not take to heart.

After a few years, Glen Orbik took over teaching many of Fixler’s classes. While at the school, Orbik met future partner and sometimes collaborator, Laurel Blechman, a fellow Fixler student and teacher.

Glen Orbik has worked on everything from book covers to movie posters, collectable lithographs and plates, to video games and comic books. Orbik has created iconic covers for such authors as Stephen King and Ray Bradbury.

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